Student - Links of interest.
Links of Interest - Opens a new window or new tab for the recommended web site.
There's no particular order. I suppose they're ranked as I think one might have an interest in them.
Musical Terms - Talking Dictionary
Virginia Tech
Multimedia Music Dictionary
Hear musical terms spoken and view definitions.
This is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time.
Tuning Your Instrument
Online Tuner
A search for "music tuner", on any device, will produce a lot of
choices - Here is one that I liked. Electronic or digital tuning can
be quite easy.
Not only know the pitch of the note, but the octave it's in.
Wikipedia For more information on tuning various instruments.
The pitches involved, etc...
Sheet Music and Music Books
Sheet Music Plus Order sheet music, music books, method books.
Purchase from this link and I get a small commission.
* They claim to have the World's Largest Selection.
J W Pepper They are a prime vendor to high school bands, etc....
School Students - Listen Up !
If you are in a school band or orchestra
chances are that many of the arrangements being used in the band were
bought from JW Pepper.  If you are having any trouble with playing your part
or wondering what the entire piece should sound like - the answer may be
found here. Because they have recordings for much of what they sell.
Listen to the song - it may help.
Notation (music writing) Software and Manuscript Paper
Finale Note Pad
Notation Software
Click This Link To Download.
FREE Download !
Create scores of up to eight instruments, including lead sheets, guitar
tablature, choral music, and much more.
Enter notes, rests, lyrics, and other markings.
Hear your music play back with high-quality built-in sounds.
Share your music by printing beautiful pages and exchanging a variety
of electronic files.
Finale offers a variety of products and price points.
This is just one of those offerings.
Manuscript Paper If you want to try writing music the old way.
U. S. Army Band
Educational Videos
There's a wealth of information here.
Please note the " Educational Video Player " has tabs at the top
which are a little difficult to see - but vital to gaining access to all the videos.
There are tabs for Trombone, Trumpet, Percussion, Singing, Big Band, Oboe,
Clarinet, Basson and Horn.
Piano Chords and Scales Piano Chords and Scales made easy.
Use this virtual keyboard to learn piano chords and scales.
Guitar Chords Pick the chord you want to see diagramed.
Music Tech Teacher I found the quizzes and games interesting.
Especially for younger students
Note : With reference to educational materials, you may be able to find a lot of usable information on the internet.
You'll also certainly find a lot of information that, may be good, but just doesn't work for you, at this time.
If you are looking for technical help, playing your instrument, try adding the key words "Master Class" to your search.
Metronome Online The problem with most metronomes is they tend to be
too quiet for some situations.
But, you can turn the speakers up on this one.
Not to mention that the price is right.
Stringed Instruments Repairs - Parts, Supplies and Learning Materials
Stewart MacDonald Everything for building and repairing stringed instruments.
Their news letters about doing repairs are very good.
Marching Activities
Marching Show Design Are you really into the marching world ?
Experience the fun of designing a show.It's not what the pros use but - fun.
If you have never had the experience of playing with a drum and bugle corps -
I highly recommend that you check out the possibilities in your area.
Copyright - Infringement and Fair Use
Copyright Infringement
and Fair Use
I think every musician needs to be aware of " Fair Use ".
U. S. Copyright Office Their title says it all.
Schools and Career Opportunities
Berklee School of Music There are thousands of good schools of music. Here's a famous one.
They offer lots of online courses.
Band Instrument Repairs National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians
NAPBIRT - has a listing of schools they respect. One can always look for music
store or repair facility that might be willing to train you.
Military Musician U. S. Army
Military Musician U. S. Air Force
Military Musician U. S. Navy
Military Musician U. S. Marine ( Bands and Drum & Bugle Corps )
As of my last update, there is one unit that does not require boot camp.
US Marine Headquarters Band - " The President's Own "
Military Musician U. S. Coast Guard

Sadly, addictions are a topic that most families come in contact with, at one time or another.
During my time as a Salvation Army caseworker, I was deeply involved with helping people with their addictions.
I can tell you that there are two organizations that can have a dramatic impact on an addicts life - if the addict allows it.
Teen Challenge and Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers. Listed here in my order of preference.
AA, NA, 30 day programs, etc... can work for some addicts - but others need a longer program and a complete change of life.
If you know somebody who would benefit from a program - investigate these.
Both of these programs are " faith based " so getting an addict to the door is not easy.
Teen Challenge A demanding program, capable of helping one get a miracle in their life.
Salvation Army
Rehabilitation Centers
Contact the closest Salvation Armys Corps. The corps officer or