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Guitar - Quick Start

General Information

We will use " short chords " to get a fast start, playing the guitar.

We will use the I, IV, V ( that's the 1-4-5 system of harmonization ) to strum chords on the beat.
You should find this easy to do and be able to play some simple songs quickly.
Later, you can add more fingers to the formation of the chords and get a fuller sound.

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Guitar - Quick Start

Step 1 - Tune Your Guitar

Assuming you are a newbie and you have just unpacked your guitar.

Put the strap on your guitar.

The biggest possible problem associated with tuning your guitar is that of getting in too high
of an octave and breaking strings. Some beginners have no problem achieving their first tuning
whild others encounter great difficulity. Here, I will attempt those who are having difficulity.

For a beginner, the best way to get your first tuning is by an experienced guitar player.
If you bought a guitar at a local music store, they should have tuned it for you and explained
how to keep it in tune. If not, go back and ask them to do so.
Maybe you bought online or received your guitar as a gift. In that case, you could check the
local music stores and teachers or possibly a friend.
If you are going to proceed on your own, here's some help.

Tuning your 6-sting guitar : E A D G B E
6th string ( the fatest string ) = E ( E2 to be exact )
5th string = A ( A2 to be exact )
4th string = D ( D3 to be exact )
3rd string = G ( G3 to be exact )
2nd string = B ( B3 to be exact )
1st string ( the thinest string ) = E ( E4 to be exact )

FYI - When I say E2 to be exact, I refer to the octave which eliminates the possibililty of breaking strings.
FYI - The guitar is tuned in intervals of perfect fourths, except between G and B which is a major third.

Electronic or digital tuning can be quite easy.
Here's a site you may find useful.
If not, do a search on any of today's devices and you will find a host of choices for tuning.
For more information on standard tunings of various instruments, visit Wikipedia.

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Guitar - Quick Start

Step 2 - Learn These " Short Chords "

With these few chords, you should be able to get playing almost instantly.
The songs will come in the next step

Music Makes Life More Enjoyable !

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Guitar - Quick Start

Step 3 - Play Some Songs


You should be aware of this website Ultimate-Guitar.com
1st Song - Rocka-My-Soul
I have selected the chords to be used.

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